At Iron Valley Real Estate, we don’t claim to be better than anyone else, but we are different. We have built a unique culture by offering both the technological benefits of cloud-based brokerages and all the advantages of brick-and-mortar offices. Leading with honesty and transparency, our mission is to democratize opportunity by giving real estate professionals the tools they need to succeed. We champion a person’s conviction to turn their drive, skills, and personal challenges into anything they want.

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Robert Cleapor - Real Estate Agent Partner


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One of the fastest-growing brokerages in the country, we are expanding nationwide. Always ready to serve you, we have offices and agents waiting for your call or email.

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We bring an outside perspective to the real estate process that’s focused on personalized care and efficiency. We’re made up of independent real estate professionals who each exercise their own unique art of helping their clients buy and sell homes.

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We bring an outside perspective to the real estate process that’s focused on personalized care and efficiency. We’re made up of independent real estate professionals who each exercise their own unique art of helping their clients buy and sell homes.

Adam Gamble partner

Adam Gamble is the visionary founder and Managing Partner of Iron Valley Real Estate, a brand that has become synonymous with innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving world of real estate. His journey, marked by unwavering dedication and a commitment to redefining the industry, is a story of remarkable growth and unparalleled success.

Gamble began his real estate career in 2006 and quickly emerged as a top-producing agent, consistently ranking within the top 5% by the Lebanon County Association of Realtors. These early years not only provided invaluable insights but also ignited a profound passion for real estate and a realization that the industry was ripe for change. This ultimately led Adam to transition from healthcare, where he worked as a critical care nurse, to pursue his entrepreneurial calling.

In 2016, Adam embarked on a transformative mission by founding Iron Valley Real Estate in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. His vision was clear: to establish a brokerage that leveraged innovative technology to empower the entrepreneurship and individuality of real estate professionals while redefining the agent commission model. This was the beginning of a truly different approach that would reshape the industry. The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary. Iron Valley Real Estate, which started with just one agent in 2016, has rapidly grown into a national franchise brand. With a presence in six states and a network spanning 50 locations nationwide, Iron Valley has become a household name in the real estate sphere.

Adam Gamble’s story is a powerful testament to the impact of vision, unwavering determination, and innovation within the industry. His leadership has not only paved an extraordinary path for Iron Valley Real Estate but has also left an indelible mark on the broader real estate landscape, setting an unparalleled standard of excellence for others to aspire to.

Beyond his professional achievements, Adam is an avid aviation enthusiast and pilot, regularly flying out of Reigle Airport in Palmyra, Pennsylvania.

Adam Gamble - Real Estate Agent Partners

Robert Cleopor partner

Rob Cleapor, Managing Partner of Iron Valley Real Estate, is a seasoned professional who has steered the course of multiple businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania. With over two decades of experience, Rob’s journey has been a diverse one, primarily revolving around the vibrant sectors of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. For 20 years, Rob was at the helm, expertly managing, owning, and operating businesses that became integral parts of Central Pennsylvania’s social scene. 

In 2016, Rob recognized a call for change in his career. It was at this pivotal moment that he decided to embark on a new path, making a seamless transition into the dynamic world of real estate. His decision proved to be a remarkable one. In his very first year within the real estate industry, Rob achieved unprecedented success, setting a high standard for himself. He took a bold step in 2017 by aligning his path with a rising star in the real estate sector: Iron Valley Real Estate.

Iron Valley Real Estate, led by Central Pennsylvania natives Adam Gamble and Corey Kaplan, was also in its inaugural year of business. The partnership between Rob and Iron Valley Real Estate marked the dawn of an exciting collaboration, further propelling his career to new heights. Rob was instrumental in taking the IVRE business model and grooming it into a franchise model that can be implemented nationwide. Since 2017, Iron Valley Real Estate has expanded its presence across six states and is licensed to franchise nationally. Beyond real estate, Rob’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to joint ventures in title and home and auto insurance companies, showcasing his versatile expertise in the financial industry.

Notably, Robert has carved a niche in the marketing sector, extending his influence beyond real estate. His online presence has become a powerful tool, allowing him to champion causes close to his heart, such as his role as a sponsor for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Visionaries of the Year campaign. Formerly known as Man and Woman of the Year, this campaign is a 10-week philanthropic competition that celebrates local community leaders across the United States.

Robert Cleapor - Real Estate Agent Partner

Corey Kaplan partner

Meet Corey Kaplan, Managing Partner of Iron Valley Real Estate. Corey embarked on his remarkable journey with Iron Valley in 2017, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in communication and relationship-building, skills which he had meticulously crafted throughout his sales career.

In his current capacity, Corey takes the reins of Iron Valley Real Estate’s national franchise recruitment efforts, deftly employing the finely tuned abilities he has cultivated over the years. His unwavering commitment to forging connections and nurturing enduring relationships has always been his hallmark, and it’s undeniable that this quality has played a pivotal role in driving Iron Valley’s strategic expansion.

Corey Kaplan’s role at Iron Valley Real Estate signifies more than just a title; it symbolizes a dedication to transformation, a relentless pursuit of growth, and an unwavering focus on sculpting a more robust and dynamic future for the company. He stands as the driving force behind Iron Valley’s visionary mission of establishing lifelong relationships founded on the pillars of honesty, integrity, and trust.

Corey Kaplan - Real Estate Agent Partner

Lisa Loser partner

Lisa Loser, a seasoned professional, has made an indelible mark at Iron Valley Real Estate. Joining the fast-growing company in 2019, her journey is a testament to expertise and passion, culminating in her becoming a partner in 2022.

In this pivotal role, Lisa was instrumental in constructing Iron Valley’s HR framework from the ground up, leading various critical initiatives. With a rich background in corporate business administration, human resources, and compliance, Lisa played a key role in driving Iron Valley’s nationwide expansion.

In her capacity as a Managing Partner at Iron Valley Real Estate, Lisa assumes a versatile role that plays a pivotal part in the company’s triumph. With a career spanning more than two decades, her journey has been characterized by a dynamic and enthusiastic approach. Lisa has engaged in a diverse array of responsibilities, encompassing entrepreneurship, strategic development, franchise management, leadership, operations, human resources, compliance, and much more.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lisa finds joy in volleyball, a passion she once shared as a volleyball coach. Her corporate background includes valuable experience with top engineering firms. Originally from Florida, she now proudly calls Central Pennsylvania her home.

At Iron Valley Real Estate, Lisa isn’t just a leader; she’s the architect behind the company’s growth and compliance. Her extensive experience and diverse skill set make her an invaluable asset in navigating the complex terrain of the real estate industry.


Lisa Loser - Real Estate Agent Partner
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In a landscape of unauthentic franchise brands that promote individual success defined by company terms, Iron Valley champions a person’s conviction to turn their drive, skills and personal challenges into anything they want. Iron Valley is a brokerage that empowers agents to build successful businesses on their own terms.