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Our Offices

Camp Hill Office

Camp Hill Office Photo
395 St. John’s Church Road, Suite 302
Camp Hill, PA   17011
(717) 996-4600

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

About Our Office

Welcome to Iron Valley Real Estate of Central PA, located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. We are a full service Residential & Commercial Real Estate brokerage made up of experienced agents that have demonstrated a commitment to client satisfaction, personal integrity, and overall sales success. As a full-service brokerage, we represent buyers, sellers, and investors in real estate transactions spanning all price ranges and property types. Our experienced agents work with clients throughout Cumberland County and the surrounding counties.

Our office is conveniently located off of 581 at the corner of Trindle and St. John's Church Road.

Carlos Arce Carlos Arce
(717) 805-6765
Rebekah Arnold Rebekah Arnold
(717) 903-7050
Tommy Arnold Tommy Arnold
(717) 903-7020
Emil Bagdasarov Emil Bagdasarov
(717) 439-5489
Emilie Brown Emilie Brown
Heather Bush Heather Bush
Phil Cannizzaro Phil Cannizzaro
Mark Carpenter Mark Carpenter
Michael T. Chan Michael T. Chan
(717) 309-4133
Jobe  Chronister Jobe Chronister
(717) 599-9274
Rob Cleapor Rob Cleapor
(717) 383-3160
Donald Coffee Donald Coffee
(717) 622-1232
Pamela Darhower Pamela Darhower
(717) 262-3361
Sandy Deimler Sandy Deimler
(717) 821-7929
Mark Den Bleyker Mark Den Bleyker
(717) 620-9241
Jordan Ehring Jordan Ehring
(717) 839-3745
Adam Gamble Adam Gamble
(717) 269-2424
Michael Garman Michael Garman
(717) 439-2090
Travis Hart Travis Hart
Karly Heck Karly Heck
George Holevas George Holevas
Wendell Hoover Wendell Hoover
(717) 269-7777
Corey Kaplan Corey Kaplan
(717) 389-2397
Hope Koperna Hope Koperna
(717) 319-1336
Janet Krusen Janet Krusen
(719) 439-5928
Greg Kuhn Greg Kuhn
(717) 877-7824
Nicole Lambert Nicole Lambert
(717) 577-0038
Jose Montano Jose Montano
Chadd Naugle Chadd Naugle
Andy Pearlman Andy Pearlman
James Pedrick James Pedrick
(717) 439-6523
Mike Popola Mike Popola
(717) 580-8983
Aaron Rissinger Aaron Rissinger
(717) 979-1443
Karen Sanderson Karen Sanderson
Therese Sheely Therese Sheely
Matt Shultz Matt Shultz
Doug Smith Doug Smith
(717) 514-3400
Justin Stryker Justin Stryker
Amy Tatum Amy Tatum
Ti Thomas Ti Thomas
(717) 480-9669
Terri Torquato Terri Torquato
(717) 571-9389
Alex Tran Alex Tran
Ketzy R. Trevizo Ketzy R. Trevizo
(410) 446-5554
Jayne Vadasz Jayne Vadasz
(717) 756-9969
Kim Vogel Kim Vogel
Tori Wendle Tori Wendle
(717) 884-4868
Brittany Wilson Brittany Wilson
Christopher Wilson Christopher Wilson
Jon Yost Jon Yost
Greg Zembower Greg Zembower
Margee Bryan Margee Bryan
(717) 996-4600
Administrative Assistant
Rob Cleapor Rob Cleapor
(717) 383-3160
Director of Operations
Adam Gamble Adam Gamble
(717) 269-2424
Operations Support
Laura Gass Laura Gass
(717) 745-2929
Administrative Assistant
Corey Kaplan Corey Kaplan
(717) 389-2397
Agent Recruitment
Doug Smith Doug Smith
(717) 514-3400
Kim Vogel Kim Vogel
Administrative Assistant

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