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Want more? Join Iron Valley Real Estate

At Iron Valley Real Estate we understand that the real estate industry is changing. Technology has been the primary driver of this change. Agents today are working much differently than they have in the past. Agents are more mobile than ever. Large real estate offices are no longer necessary. Virtual offices are even starting to create some buzz. At Iron Valley Real Estate, we feel there is a right balance between a virtual brokerage and a traditional brick and mortar operation. Small, modern offices in highly visible locations with a modern business model designed for today’s real estate agent. Read on and discover the advantages of joining Iron Valley Real Estate and why more agents are joining our team.

  • Professional Branding
  • Agent Leads
  • Incredible Splits (80%, 90%, 100%)
  • Powerful Technology
  • Excellent Locations
  • Manage Your Own Business
  • Modern Offices
  • Professional Marketing
  • Sell Any Type of Real Estate or Manage Property

Keep More at Iron Valley Real Estate

Iron Valley Real Estate’s competitive commission plans allow you to keep more of what you earn! We have three different commission plans available to accommodate your needs. Starting at an 80/20 split all the way up to 100%! It's a pretty sweet deal. Look at our commission plans below and the example comparing our 100% plan to a common brokerage split.

Commission Photo Commission Photo

*Broker transaction fee may vary based on individual office

Branding Laptop
Branding Paper
Branding Signs
Branding Devices

Stand Out With Powerful Branding Tools

A great looking brand and professional image can push your success to the next level! At Iron Valley Real Estate everything we do is designed to make you stand out from the crowd. Our original branding was designed to display a strong, clean, professional image. Our distinct image is easily recognizable to the public and easy for agents to use.

  • Pro & Mobile Friendly Website
  • Full Color Flyers
  • Personalized Agent Website w/IDX
  • Branded Yard Signs
  • Presentation Folder
  • White Post Sign Options
  • Business Cards w/Photo
  • Directional Signs
  • Postcards w/Personal Contact
  • Commercial Signs

Work Smarter at Iron Valley Real Estate

"Work smarter, not harder". Iron Valley Real Estate was founded with technology in mind. The world is changing at a rapid pace and we are embracing those changes. We provide our clients with a high level of service by embracing the technological advances currently being made. Not tech savvy? We will train and support you in attaining success in this new age of online, paperless business!

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Manage Your Business

Residential, Commercial, Property Management

Your business is YOUR BUSINESS. At Iron Valley Real Estate our commission plans are designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to invest and operate your business the way you want! With no required meetings or phone duty times, you are free to administrate your business and time the way you see best.

If you are one of the following, we'd love to discuss your business with you!

  • Seasoned agent
  • New to business agent             
  • Leader/Member of a Team         
  • Commercial agent
  • Property Manager

Real Estate covers a wide range of professionals and Iron Valley Real Estate represents them all!

Modern Offices, Excellent Locations

Each of our modern real estate offices are conveniently located. With conference rooms, high speed wireless internet, work areas, and a commercial copy/scanner/printer available for use at no cost to you. Additionally, private offices are available for rent at most of our locations.

Click here ot see our current offices.

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Leads at Iron Valley Real Estate

Our easy to navigate website, IronValleyRealEstate.com, attracts potential clients every day. We refer these client leads to our agents at no cost! Leads on your own listings always go directly to you! We also provide our agents with a free agent website that displays your professional bio, picture and contact information, featured listings, and has fully integrated IDX search! Clients can create an account, save searches, and receive automatic email notifications with new listings directly from you! Choose a custom domain name or point an existing one to your site.

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