Earthquake Preparedness: Lessons from Travel and Experience


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Being prepared involves asking questions when visiting new places. We often assume being prepared at home suffices. However, each trip or new location demands understanding local risks and necessary preparations. 

In my prior roles at other organizations, I traveled a lot. I had clients across the United States so frequented many states, locations, and businesses. In most of my travels, whoever I was visiting, would provide a safety brief of the things I needed to know about their location, potential weather, or other environmental factors.  

While visiting locations in the mid-west, I learned about tornado shelters in buildings and the protocol for handling tornado outbreaks. In San Francisco, I learned about what I needed to know if an earthquake took place. 

Living in Central PA, we do experience mini earthquakes on occasion as the Ramapo Fault Line runs from southeastern New York through southeastern PA. There have been several occasions when I experienced shaking due to tremors along the fault line. For the most part, these have been non-events. 

Importance of Earthquake Kits 

My first experience in the office in San Francisco, I learned a whole other level of preparedness for earthquakes. To start, under every desk we kept earthquake kits. Why, well if the earth starts to shake while you are in the office, you should duck and cover under your desk. If a severe earthquake traps you in the office or under your desk, having supplies like food, water, a first aid kit, flashlight, tools, and an emergency blanket can sustain you until rescue.

Unlike most weather events, earthquakes have never been predicted. So, understanding and being prepared in environments prone to earthquake activity is extremely necessary for survival. Additionally, earthquakes cause other environmental events such as soil liquefaction, landslides, fissures, avalanches, fires, and tsunamis. Any preparation for an earthquake needs to consider the events to follow. 

We have created an earthquake guide for your reference. When moving to or visiting an earthquake-prone area, consult locals to understand the area’s earthquake history and how to prepare for potential future events.

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