How Did You Connect With Your Realtor?



When you began the home purchasing process, how did you connect with your realtor? Was your agent someone you have been friends with for a long time or were they recommended to you by someone you trust? Did you do a google search or look up a property on-line to seek out representation? 

Your preference as a consumer is as important as how a realtor will choose to gain leads to build their business. We recently published an article in Realtor Magazine, where we looked at the Realtor’s perspective on organic or purchased leads. Organic leads come through a realtor’s sphere of influence while purchased leads come from outside sources like and Zillow. 

Why should this matter to you as a consumer? Because our circumstances and needs vary not only between each of us, but with each home purchase or sale. This variety of options for realtors also provides a variety of selection for you. 

Let’s consider the executive who is being relocated to New York City for their job. This is a new city for them, and they know little to no people there. They are not planning to sell their current home in Miami, as this is a temporary assignment, but they do desire to purchase a condo in the new city as their current home and long-term investment. They may be referred to an agent through their company’s relocation service or they begin their search on-line and find an agent through one of the properties they are interested in. The agent the executive is working with may be paying to receive referrals from the relocation company or for advertising on the search engine. They may have also been the listing agent on the first property the executive fell in love with and that is how they connected. 

A couple of years go by, and the executive has met the love of their life. They are not planning to return to Miami now, so they want to sell their home now. The executive’s childhood friend is a real estate agent in the area so asks for their help listing the property. The executive feels that having someone they already know and trust to manage the sales of their home will make the process easier. An organic process for both the consumer and agent. 

Now, the listing agent has a potential buyer interested in purchasing the executive’s home. The potential buyer, however, does not or cannot work with the listing agent. The buyer may already have an agent they have worked with previously, was referred to them, or they sought out themselves. It is possible that the buyer wanted to work with the agent, but state law does not allow that. It may also be that the buyer didn’t get a good vibe from the listing agent, or they are friends and just doesn’t want their friendship to turn into a business relationship. 

The executive has also decided to upgrade their condo in New York to a luxury penthouse. They do not want to use the same agent as the one they used to purchase the first condo, so have searched for an agent that specializes in luxury penthouses. 

As you can see in this story, having the flexibility, choices, and freedom to pick your real estate agent is just as important as the real estate agent needing to grow business through both organic and purchased leads.  

Next time you are searching for a home, and you get a ton of calls from real estate agents, use those calls as an opportunity to interview and select the agent that is best for you. And if you happen to already have an agent, politely let that calling agent know, because next time you may need them. 

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