Making the Most of Inexpensive and Easy Fall Home Projects



The seasons are changing, which for most of us means cooler temperatures. Many of you may be starting your fall and Halloween decorating, but this time of year is also a great time to do some easy and inexpensive projects around your house to give it some fresh bling. 

Now, when I say easy, that does not mean that all the projects don’t require time. They may even require you to learn something new. But if you are looking to bring some new life into your environment, consider some of these options. 


The cooler weather brings many opportunities to do some much-needed weeding in your gardens. You may also be harvesting what you have been growing all summer, which means preparing your garden beds for winter months. The majority of landscaping this time of year is all about preparing for the winter months and spring bloom. Spend time reseeding your lawn, raking leaves, and doing that final mow. If you have perennials, divide, and prune them. Any tender bulbs, dig them up and store them for replanting in the spring. You can also plant seeds that are winter appropriate, for spring bloom. Make sure to turn and mulch any of your beds that require this. 

If your property has a lot of tree growth and vegetation, this is a great time of year to cut things back, trim and remove trees, and do clearing. 

Much of fall landscaping costs little to nothing but time. It can also be a money saver come spring if you do the proper maintenance to avoid needing to purchase new plants and bulbs. 


Part of your landscaping work will include giving your hardscape some love. Since this will most likely involve pressure washing it seems more fitting to include this as part of your exterior work. Before it gets too cold, it is a good time to break out the pressure washer to clean your siding, windows, decks, and hardscape. Investing in a pressure washer is worth the long-term benefits for maintaining a crisp clean exterior. 

After cleaning your exterior, it is a great time to stain and paint. And if you are looking for a quick, inexpensive, and easy change, paint your exterior doors with a new color. 

Some other quick and inexpensive things you can do for the exterior of your home include: 

  • New exterior carriage lights 
  • New House Numbers 
  • New Mailbox 

This is also a great time to clean and store all your outdoor furniture for winter. 


With cooler temps comes the opportunity to open your house. Let the fresh air in and take time to do deep cleaning. 

Now is also a great time to paint any interior rooms that no longer inspire you. Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to transform any space. Once your room has a new glow, take the time to freshen up your decor. This may be as simple as decorating for the season, or spending a little on pieces you will use throughout the year. 

Although fall can be great for many renovation projects, with temperatures dropping and loss of daylight, it can be much easier to focus on smaller less expensive projects that can bring you joy quicker. 

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