The Empty Nest


Iron Valley Real Estate The empty nest

I have found myself in this stage of life. Having only one child, I knew this would occur far quicker than many of my friends who have a larger family or started later. The empty nest can come with celebration for getting our children grown and into the next chapter of their lives. It also brings back things we may not have had available to us, like extra time in our day, freedom in our schedules, and flexibility in what we have for dinner each night. We may enjoy the early stages of the empty nest, but it does not take long to realize we miss having our kids around, we miss the chaos of trying to be in three places at once, we miss the sporting events, the family adventures, and the laughter that once spread through our homes. 

We must move forward, as we have done so many times before in our lives, but how? 

It comes down to finding the new energy to fill our soul. This energy can come from: 

  • Redesigning your space – You most likely have acquired additional living space with your children leaving. Take some time to explore new uses for these spaces. These new spaces may be multi-functioning to support when your children come home to visit. By day an office or yoga room, by night a bedroom. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you design these spaces for you, your passions, or the new hobbies you take on. 
  • Use that extra time to do things you love or discover new fun – this could be spending time with friends, going for a hike, learning something new, traveling. The possibilities are endless. 
  • Create new family memories – reinvent how you will celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Keep those family vacations going. Being an empty nester does not mean you are removing your children from your life (even though they may claim or feel you are). It is a time where you can, however, make these new family memories and adventures even bigger and better. 

This new phase takes some time getting used to, but I promise you, there are so many great things out there waiting for you in this next chapter!

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